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Direct billing 

At Physio Source we are more than happy to take care of the paperwork on your behalf.

Health plans we direct bill to:

Special considerations:

Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI): If you were involved in a motor vehicle accident and have some pain as a result, MPI will cover fees for physiotherapy services on your behalf. Click to visit their website.

The Workers Compensation Board (WCB): If you were hurt on the job, you are entitled to file an injury claim with WCB and receive physiotherapy services to help you get back on your feet. Click to visit their website.  You can make an injury claim online here: Incident Reporting | Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba (

How to make an injury claim:

Call MPI (204-985-7000 or toll-free 1-800-665-2410) or WCB (204-954-4321 or toll-free at 1-855-954-4321) or alternately online using the link above to report your claim. They will provide you with an injury claim number. We will require your injury claim number upon your first visit in order for us to bill on your behalf. 

Do not wait for your employer to complete the paperwork for you. Calling MPI or WCB will expedite the claim process.

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